About Kindergarten



Through constant evaluation and motivation we maintain an attractive pattern in the curriculum, it takes to an account to the child’s holistic development. Learning through indoor and outdoor activities, music, dance, drama, sports, picnics etc. Class room learning is reinforced by means of smart class. We aim in providing a home like yet, a disciplined atmosphere in stimulating the young minds.

Working Hours

Our working hours is 8:45 am to 3.00 pm.Visiting time for parents to meet teachers at 3.00 pm to 3.30 pm.


Parent –Teacher Interaction

In order to maintain a healthy parent – teacher relationship, the parents meet the class teacher at the end of each term.

Celebration And Talent Display

The children take part in various celebration during the course of the year.Kids Fest is conducted in order to display and develop the hidden talents of the child, whereby the child gets rid of stage fear.Every child gets to display her talents on stage at the school day.


Formal examinations are conducted and reports are sent to the parents thrice a year. Promotion is based on the overall progress of the child.

Other Facilities

There is a play ground park and an indoor play room which is well furnished with toys, meant for the development of mental and physical abilities.


Registration to LKG class for the succeeding academic year has started. Registration forms will be issued from the school office.