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school_founder Every need in the Church is supplied in God's good time and according to His plan. Towards the end of the 19th century education of girls was the crying need of the hour, in South India. It was through the instrumentality of Mother Mary Teresa Veronica that this need was met.
   paragraphseperatorof this text is usedMother Mary Teresa Veronica (Sophie Leeves) was born at Constantinople on 1 st Oct. 1823. Her parents were devout Christians, her father an Anglican clergyman and her mother a staunch Protestant. They paid great attention to the education of their children, shielding them from all unhealthy influence. All this was actually a preparation for the great destiny God had in store for Sophie. While still a Protestant Sophie was blessed with her first mystical experience in 1840. In 1845 Rev. Leeves died during a visit to the Holy Land. Sophie was now the strength and support of her mother.
A growing awareness of a vacuum in Protestantism set Sophie and her sister Mary Ann on a journey in search of the Truth, which led them to the Catholic Church. Their baptism, source of peace and tranquility for them brought sorrow to their mother and brother; nevertheless they remained steadfast.

Sophie now received a series of calls, each one uniting her more closely to Christ and to each of which she responded wholeheartedly. After entering the Catholic Church she was drawn to religious life and sought admission to the Congregation of the sisters of St. Joseph of the Apparition. Her transfer to Calicut in South India was an indirect call to Carmel (and the words "I want you in Carmel" resounded in her ears).

She met Fr. Marie Ephrem at Mangalore and being received by him into the Third Order (secular) of Carmel, realized that her vocation to Carmel was genuine. The Carmelite missionaries recognized in her a prospective Foundress of the Third Order to be established for the education of girls.

Returning to Europe in accordance with God's plan she succeeded in obtaining permission to leave St. Joseph's and entered Carmel. After her novitiate in the Carmel of Pau she was entrusted with the work of framing the Constitutions of the new Congregation and establishing a Novitiate at Bayonne to train subjects for the Indian Mission.

In 1870 the first three young sisters were sent out to Mangalore, India to take up their work to which they committed themselves with zeal and fervor encouraging to build up the Congregation. Internal dissentions hindered the fulfillment of their hopes. Consequently the novitiate at Bayonne had to be closed. No further reinforcements would be sent to India. Mother Mary Veronica returned to Pau, disappointed but resigned. When a foundation at Bethlehem was proposed Mother Veronica went along with the pioneers. At Bethlehem too the cross pursued her, but she bore it with heroic courage and patience. Returning to Pau after twelve years, she spent the rest of her life in prayer and solitude, experiencing with joyful rapture, the love of Jesus. She slept in the Lord on 16th November, 1906.

What of the Third Order of Carmelites in India? It came forth with new life. The Carmelite Mission of Mangalore was handed over to the Jesuits and the Apostolic Carmel flourished there under the leadership of Mother Marie des Anges one of the pioneers; another Mother Mary Elias came to Quilon in 1879, one of the branch houses founded in 1875. Mother Mary Elias wished to continue working with the Carmelite Missionaries. Starting afresh she was called upon to open a house at Trivandrum, Holy Angels' Convent. She is our acknowledged Co- foundress. Holy Angels' Convent has flourished and prospered for over a century, has its shoots to other states in India and even abroad. The three convents at Quilon, Trivandrum and Tangassery which had earlier functioned autonomously, were amalgamated by Bishop Benziger in 1908, after having framed constitutions for them a year earlier. The Congregation was then known as the Third Order Apostolic of Our Lady of Mount Carmel which was later changed to the Congregation of Carmelite Religious (CCR).

Mother Mary Veronica rose to the heights of sanctity through the practice of all the virtues; especially obedience, patience and humility. Her writings which include her Autobiography are a veritable treasure. Another legacy is the gift to us of her own Charism which can be summed up in three words: Contemplation, Apostolate, Marian devotion; for Mary is our inspiration and model in her openness to God, her attentiveness to the needs of all God's children.

Our ardent desire is that our Venerable Mother Mary Veronica be raised to the altar and counted in the calendar of the saints.

History of our school

Holy Angels’ Convent High School was founded by the Congregation of the Carmelite Religious in 1880 with the express purpose of education and empowering the girl child. The Congregation branched out and established many educational institutions in different streams.

Holy Angels’ ISC School is one of the reputed schools of Trivandrum. Established in 1971 by the Congregation of the Carmelite Religious, the school endeavours to provide quality education in keeping with the national aspirations. Along with academic excellence, the school imprints an indelible mark of moral values on all students that pass out of its portals. An overall development of personality makes each Holy Angels’ student a worth, useful and active citizen of India.

The first batch of ISC Students passed out from the school in 1975, and the first ICSE batch in 1976. With the shifting of the High School and the Plus Two classes to Nathencode, Holy Angels’ ISC School became an independent institution. The institution has been scaling great heights o glory since then. Trusting in God, we hope to march forward in time, seeking to attain sublime heights of excellence.

Our vision

To promote education that drives individuals to become responsible citizens who are a blessing to the society and the environment.

Our Mission

To empower our students by giving them a fertile environment for growth, by providing enriching opportunities to nurture their talents and gospel values to guide them on their journey, there by making them consciously responsible for their deeds and morally accountable for their actions.

Brief History of the Congregation of The Carmelite Religious

We stand for a responsible, spiritual generation by providing our students opportunities to be morally accountable for the actions. Through prayers and gospel values, we help them give God a prime position in their lives, and inspire them to nurture value and care for the environment.

The Congregation of the Carmelite Religious (earlier known as the Third Order Apostolic of Our Lady of Mount Carmel) was founded by Mother Veronica of the Passion on July 16, 1868, in France.

The congregation of the Carmelite Religious (earlier known as the Third Order Apostolic our Lady of Mount Carmel) was founded by Mother Veronica of the Passion on July 16, 1868 in France.

Education being the crying need of the hour in India t that time, Mother Veronica was invited by the Carmelite Fathers in India to help with the Indian Mission. Answering this call, she worked in India, concentrating on the education of girls and the empowerment of women and the less privileged. In 1880, Holy Angels’ Convent was started at Trivandrum, India. From here the Congregation has spread to most of the states in India and abroad.

Following in the footsteps of Our Lord and Master, Jesus Christ, and our Foundress, Mother Veronica, we, her daughters, seek to enkindle the fire of Divine Love in the hearts of all God’s children. Through education and other works of mercy, we seek to promote the Kingdom, values of justice, fellowship and freedom, thereby bringing harmony in the life of society, especially to those in needed.


Creation of a new human society where equality , freedom, love, justice , peace and joyreign in an eco-friendly communion.