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Manager's Message :
In the year 1868 Our Congregation(C.C.R) was founded with the express purpose of educating and empowering the girl child.Holy Angel's ISC School is one of the institution of the Congregation of Carmelite Religious.The School endeavours to provide quality education in keeping with the national aspirations.Along with academic excellence, the school imprints an indelible mark of moral values on all students the pass out of its portals.Each child who enters our temple of learning is considered to be a child of God.Keeping in mind the verse from the Bible that everyone is created in the likeness and image of God.Eco friendly campus also provides a better strategy for the students in the formative years.Each of the students is supposed to be a blessing from God entrusted to us to be moulded into a value lived personality.

Principal's Message :
God has blessed us in so many ways and all of us experience miracles in some form or the other. Let us live each moment of life with gratitude for all the blessings. Then we will discover that we are blessed even more. Life is shaped experience by experience. The quality of experiences are shaped by ones attitudes. The virtual world is a classic case of ‘all that glitters is not gold’. How can one draw a line between needs and greedy desires? How can one believe that a life beyond the virtual world is ever possible? These are a few questions that the younger generations need answers for: hence the parents have the responsibility to show the youngsters that life did exist prior to this virtual world. Youngsters on the other hand, need to make use of the earlier generations as a bridge to travel from the virtual world to experience the real world. Life is beautiful. Live life to the fullest to enjoy its bountiful blessings.




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